Researching and Developing New Technology, 

Providing Top Quality Product and Service,  

Serving Clients All Over the World.   

  • Operation Principle:

Dalian Jinjie could be a quality partner for your success.

Honesty is our company basic, you can trust us always.

Innovation is for assist you to achieve efficiently producing desired.

Safety & Environment-friendly equipment manufactured is our responsibility.

Customers’ satisfaction and success is our serving goal, we are always work together with you.

  • Main Products: 

FIPFG, 2 Components Polyurethane (PU) Automatic Sealing Equipment, 3 Components PU Gasket Sealing Machine, Microscale Sealing Equipment System, Silicon Gasket Automatic Spreading Machine, Thermally Insulating Aluminum Profiles Gluing Equipment, Broken Bridge Aluminum Profile Dispensing Machine, Custom-made Equipment for Automatic Sealing Solutions, Etc. 

  • Certifications:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, SGS, CQC, RoHS, etc. 



Field of application


Jinjie FIPFG Sealing Equipments are widely used in fields like cabinets, vehicle, electronic, appliances, lighting, and filter, etc.


Electronic & Appliances: Gluing and sealing on the surfaces of controller cabinets, doors, or other surfaces, to prevent dust and moisture.

Lighting: Through foaming sealing to form sealing rings on lightings for industry, furniture, house or outside, etc.

Small containers & Packing case: sealing rings used on the cover edge of them with a lot of quantity to finish the sealing process efficiently and automatically.

Appliances: sealing strips are needed for kitchenware’s top, back and inside, or filter of cleaner, and other appliances.

Vehicle: Sealing strips used on the car body, pedal, steering wheel stand, fireproof metal plate, and other areas like car window, vent, lighting cover, air conditioner, and so on.

Filter: like those used on oil industry, air conditioner, building, refrigerator, etc. 


About Us


Start from 2002.

R&D Group: 12 people

QC: 10 people

Production line: 6

Production Capacity: Abt 50sets / month

Customers: Dubai, India, Iran, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, EU, ME, China, etc.


Contact Us

Dalian Jinjie Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
Add.: Tanglinangou Industry Park, Ganjingzi District, Dalian 116031, China.
Tel: 86-411-84289769

Fax: 86-411-84288905

Web.: //

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: 86-13889624989 (Linda)



A Professional Supplier and Manufacturer of Solutions for Polyurethane Automatic Equipment and Sealing System.

Tel: 86-411-84289769  Fax: 86-411-84288905

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